familiarization & educational networking seminar

30 April - 4 may 2022

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Amorgos is a favorite European destination when it comes to yoga retreats, meetings, incentives, conferences, events, luxury exclusive tourism, alternative of any kind or just leisure.

The peaceful atmosphere of the island creates a quiet space for self-discovery, yoga, meditation and connection with nature and yourself. A unique destination that offers luxury, comfort and connection with big blue and mother nature.

Parts of the island reach a considerable height above sea level and offer stunning views over the archipelago.

Amorgos is one of the most impressive Cyclades island, with beautiful beaches with azure water, beautiful caves, ideal places for diving, scenic coves and ancient hiking trails leading through its steep rocky terrain.

Step off the beaten path and visit an island that has retained its traditional color, where locals welcome you with a smile on their face and make you feel at home!

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190 / person

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Participant will take care of their flights and cover the cost,  to Athens, El. Venizelos  airport with return, on your own expenses


Transfers, from Athens airport to Piraeus port, with return upon arrival/ departure will be provided at preferential  rates, upon certain request to Impressive

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Ferry Tickets

Will be provided at preferential rates, upon certain request to Impressive


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The only 5star hotel in Amorgos island with minimal yet luxurious room design, comforts and exceptional room service to provide you ultimate indulgence. Whether you are a couple seeking for a romantic getaway or a family, Aegialis Hotel offers a wide variety from double rooms to spacious  suites.

All rooms offer amazing views of the Aegean sea and the Aegiali beach! The unique Amorgian hospitality in combination with the cycladic beauty promises you memories you will always treasure.


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A soothing experience of stillness and harmony amid the mind blowing scenery of the Aegean.
Lalon Idor Spa is situated on the magical island of Amorgos, well known for its healing and transformative energy, dramatically beautiful landscapes and medicinal herbs that grow wildly on its hills and valleys, as well as its hypnotic blue waters.

preliminary program

Final program will be announced closer to the dates

Departure from Piraeus port with

SEAJET Naxos to Amorgos (Katapola) 08:00-14:30

  • Arrival to the island, and transfer to 5* Aegialis Hotel & Spa. Welcome drink and snack
  • Arrangement in the rooms.
  • Wake up in the beauty of of Aegiali Bay and enjoy breakfast, with amazing views
  • Guidance to the hotel facilities, including “Lalon Idor” Spa and the Yoga- Meeting Shalas
  • Relaxing morning at the hotel, by the Spa, or by the outdoors Seawater pool
  • Lunch at the hotel, with an introduction of the participants, and a speech about Tourism on Amorgos, and Aegialis Hotel options
  • After lunch, transfer to Tholaria village, for a visit to a traditional house. We shall enjoy a drink at a local cafe, before our departure to visit “Lakki Village” on the beach of Aegiali. We shall be guided to this beautiful property and we shall enjoy a drink and dinner in front of the water.
  • Early yoga (8-9 am) class for those who wish to attend, before breakfast.
  • After breakfast, a tour of the island, with first visit the 1000 yr old Monastery of Panagia Hozoviotissa, and to Agia Anna, the location of filming “The Big Blue”
  • Next visit will be st. George Valsamitis, the location of an ancient water oracle, dedicated to Apollo. The spring, is still in the church. A picnic lunch here, with father Theophilos, before we continue to visit the picturesque capital of Chora.
  • In Chora, we can see the Archaeological Museum, the Cultural Museum and the Byzantine Museum..
    We shall continue to Katapola port for a short stop for coffee, before we return to the hotel
  • Relax at the spa, and enjoy dinner at the hotel
  • Morning yoga, and breakfast.
  • Trip to visit Lagada village
  • Short hiking to a beautiful spot, of Panagia Panochoriani, enjoying the aromas of the herbs and flowers.
  • After we walk around Lagada, there will be a stop at a traditional sweet shop, for coffee.
  • Then, we shall visit Maestro Club in Aegiali, to enjoy some lunch and wonderful pool views
  • In the afternoon, relaxing at the spa.
  • Farewell dinner, with Greek Night, live music and dancing.at Aegialis Hotel & Spa
  • During the stay, there will be free use of all Spa facilities (sauna, hamam, jaccuzi, indoor seawater pool and gym) and 25% discount on all body and face treatments.

Departure for Piraeus port with

BLUE STAR FERRIES  Naxos (Katapola) 06:00-15:00 


SEAJET 13:15-20:40 (Katapola)


The settlement of Tholaria is situated 18 km north east of the capital of Amorgos at an altitude of 182 meters above sea. Tholaria is built near Vigla, the acropolis of the ancient city of Aegiali.

From the village of Tholaria one can have magnificent views of Kampos and Gialos. The festivities on the first day of July are worth mentioning. This day is celebrated as the name day of Agioi Anargyroi.

A church having the name Agioi Anargyroi is built at a vantage position at the periphery of the mountain village of Tholaria. The inhabitants of Tholaria are very hospitable and traditional. Tholaria has two main beaches, the Megali Glyfada and the Mikri Glyfada.

One can enjoy the sparkling sea at Aegiali and the nearby locations of Levrosos, Psili Ammos and Hochlakas are great for the swimming enthusiasts. These are less crowded destinations in the tourism map of Greece and are appropriate for a relaxing holiday. The location of Vigla, the acropolis of early Aegialis with remains of an ancient wall is just opposite Tholaria overlooking the bay at Mikri Glyfada.


The Monastery of Hozoviotissa in Amorgos is the second oldest in Greece built in 1017 and renovated 1088, built by Alexius Comnenus I. It is literally hanging on the cliff side 300 m above the sea. The monastery was created as an ode (poem) to the Grace of Panagia, known as the Virgin Mary, which is the patron saint of the island. The icon is carried around to all the villages on the island every year.

Built into the face of a cliff, it provides a breathtaking view of the sparkling blue waters of the Aegean Sea. It is with no doubt, the pride of Amorgos, with its pristine walls lined with portraits of monks and other leaders, the smell of incense and numerous little treasures. The monks, who act as guardians of this architectural marvel, serving psimeni raki (a local liqueur) and loukoumi.

The current outer look of the monastery is the result of various changes that happened through time. The building is 40m high and 5m width has 8 stories that develop in a larger width utilizing functional wall recesses of rock. There is a labyrinth interior with the church, the cells and the various auxiliary rooms forming a set that with resourcefulness and usability meets the needs of the monastic brotherhood.


Chora the capital of Amorgos is a medieval mountain village 400 meters above the sea surrounded by windmills. Chora is dominated by a 13th century Venetian castle, the historic rock has had built into it for more than fifteen centuries the church of Kera Leousa (Lady of mercy).

To walk in Chora is like stepping in the dream of the perfect Greek village with its narrow winding alleys, whitewashed houses, charming squares and a lot of beautiful churches. You have also a big selection of nice and cozy taverns, café and shops.

The village is near to the Monastery of Hozoviotissa and the beach of Agia Anna with its clear waters.


Agia Anna is a beautiful beach located very close to Chora, only some steps away from the monastery of Panagia Hozoviotissa, the most important sight of Amorgos.

Agia Anna is a small rocky beach that distinguishes for its spectacular beauty. Sunbeds and umbrellas are not available in Agia Anna, so make sure to take all the essential facilities with you.

Despite this inconvenience, Agia Anna remains quite famous beach on the island. Due to its rocky landscape, it might be a little dangerous for children, yet it offers an amazing diving and snorkeling experience in the crystal waters of the Aegean Sea.

The stunning waters of Agia Anna were captured 20 years ago in the English film The Big Blue. There are two beaches on your right, Sirma and Kambi, also accessed on foot.


This beautiful monastery is located on the right-hand side of the road connecting Chora to Kato Meria, surrounded by dense vegetation. It is one of the first monasteries built in the traditional Byzantine style. It is built on the site of an ancient temple dedicated according to myths to the god Apollon and also used to be an ancient oracle.

Seated on the terraces of the forecourt around the roses which smell beautifully you will enjoy the serenity of the place. The monastery of Agios Georgios Valsamitis is a three-aisled, vaulted basilica of the 16th century, built upon earlier temples, as it is believed. Its architecture is very interesting. Until the Byzantine period it was an autonomous monastery and then it became a dependency of Hozoviotissa. It was hagiographed in different periods; today the murals of the 18th century and perhaps earlier ones are preserved.

Valsamitis is connected to a very old ceremony of hydro divination. In the spring-oracle not only Amorgians resorted, but also people from the surrounding islands. The “talking water” was silenced in 1967 after a decision by the Diocese of Thera, Amorgos and Islands and the point from where there was access to the spring was sealed with cement. However, the locals did not stop going to the monastery, and you will see the spring still flowing, in lower intensity, inside. On the island the faith in the holy water was absolute and almost nobody would do trading, weddings, travels, and studies unless advised by Agios Georgios Valsamitis. As the locals say, thousands of times the prediction has come true…

The nun sister Irene lives and take care of this beautiful place. She enjoys to present the place and also to show her work and paintings.


The Archaeological Museum is in Chora and is housed in the Tower of Gavras, a building of Venetian architecture dating back to the 16th century. The museum contains interesting findings from excavations of the three ancient cities of Amorgos; Aegiali, Arkesini and Minoa. The collection also includes remains of the Minoan civilization that existed here more than 4000 years ago. On the ground floor there are architectural finds from the Hellenistic, Roman and Early Christian periods plus marbles of Cycladic culture.

Among the most important exhibits are the marble torso male statue found in Tholaria Aegiali, the marble female torso allegedly represents the goddess Artemis, and museum collections enriched by various inscriptions, statues and reliefs. Very important is also the Archaeological Collection of Amorgos Emmanuel Ioannidis artifacts including statues, sculptures, ceramics and others objects, dating from 3000 BC to the 3rd AD century.


The museum is situated in the historic building that belonged to Choratis Theodoros Passaris, who fell beside Kanaris in the “Battle of the Trikkai” in 1824 during the war of independence.

The museum is made to honour the ancestors who passed on the tradition until today. It’s an opportunity for the locals and visitors to get acquainted with the daily life in the old days on Amorgos, the habits and traditions.


Langada is located in the north part of Amorgos on the edge of the canyon of Araklos and surrounded by the highest mountains of the island, Krikellos is the highest with its 821 m. Langada is a genuine Greek village with narrow alleys, traditional whitewashed houses, and small churches. The traditional customs exist in everyday life and you will get the opportunity to take part in Greek daily life. There are also many beautiful walking paths that’s easy to access from the village.

Near to the village is a lot of interesting places such as; the churches of Agia Triada and Panagia Epanochoriani, the windmills, and the old settlement of Stroumbos. There is also the Byzantine monastery of Agios Ioannis Theologos near the mountain of Krikellos and the church of Stavros.


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